Kamlesh Acharya
Film Maker

The PremTao Wisdom Coaching program is quite a revolution in terms of what it gave to me personally.

Not only did it make me aware of my blind-spots and enhanced my ability to discriminate and categorize my thoughts, it also nipped various limiting patterns that I unconsciously harboured inside me and opened me up for a more wholesome and prosperous living.

I would like to thank Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharti Nirmal for this wonderful gift. I'm looking forward to being able to positively contribute to my own and others' lives as we consciously nudge each other towards a more evolved, joyful and prosperous life.

I am an Architect and Interior Designer by profession. I am also a Co founder and Holistic Coach at Health Bank Yoga Studio and Sound Spa.
Prem Tao Wisdom Coaching is one of the most unique programs launched by Dr. Premji Nirmal and I am fortunate to get an opportunity to participate in this workshop.

This program gives a very systematic approach to resolving the most burning issues of life which become hindrance in your growth, through step-by-step guiding.

It is also a process of making you aware of your strengths and weaknesses and giving you the clarity of your life purpose.

Sejal Ghag

Meeta Chheda
Holistic Wellness Coach

Prem Tao Wisdom Coaching is one of the most wonderful programme I have ever done.

It is designed in such a unique manner that it first resolves own patterns and help the client to get the higher purpose of life.

This model is in simple steps yet each step is very powerful and useful.

I have got totally new understanding and new way of working with learning of Prem Tao Wisdom Coaching. Now I am confident about myself can take myself and my clients a few notches higher.

I extend my Gratitude to Dr. Guruji Premji Nirmal for launching this model of coaching and mentoring us precisely on each and every step.
I work as an Spiritual Trainer and Happiness Coach.

PremTao Wisdom Coaching Model really proved Jackpot for my profession as I was looking for powerful model which can help in identifying deeper level human issues and practical ways to solve them.

Now I will be better equiped to work on my Life Mission to serve many people with this Coaching model. All these secrets will surely strengthen me to solve people's problems and get rid of their Mind, emotions and deeper Sub-Conscious issues.

Strength of model even help people to identify their Life purpose and vision to help humanity.

Vijay Patel
Senior IT Professional

Purvi Dalal
Interior Designer

I have co founded HealthBank yoga studio & sound spa as an Expert Holistic Coach and was really wanting a breakthrough methodology to help people.

With each course Guruji takes us to our next and higher level, this time the same was experienced many fold. The genuine techniques to help humanity were taught so simply and having a Buddy system helped us practice it among our colleagues and fellow participants. That made us absolutely thorough with the PremTao technology for Wisdom Coaching.

A must do course for all upcoming coaches, healers and individuals interested in finding their Purpose and the way to walk the path of Liberation. Gratitude Guruji for placing one more feather in our cap and helping us help people.

I was wondering how to move on in middle path of my career development .

I had lost hope, but Dr. Premji Nirmal helped me acknowledge my ignorance, corrected my attitude and showed me correct path, on how to boost my career with passion. PremTao Wisdom Coaching is complete model which will help me, help my clients, in a organized manner.

My consciousness has been shifted to higher growth mindset by recognizing many blind spots and overcoming them.

Now I am completely confident about my future growth and I am moving as per learnings from this Wisdom Coaching .
I highly recommend everyone to join this certificate program to get greater success by removing all types of inner blockages .

Bhabani Shankar Behera

Saraswathi Seetharaman
Wellness Coach

Prem Tao Wisdom Coaching program is a wonderful program which through a series of systematic questioning and coaching aims to help the individual get the solutions, to their problems, and ultimately leading to his or her life purpose!

The problems may be health, money or relationships, but the solutions are easy because of the clarity created through this model.

I am myself a counselor, coach and healer, and through this model, could get more clarity on various fronts.

I am immensely grateful to my master's, Guruji Prem Nirmal and Gruma Bharati Nirmal for guiding me all along, launching various programs to help me grow and thus help others too.

Work in the Government for over 37 years had exposed me to working with people and mentoring the younger lot. Yet, the moment I heard about the Prem Tao Wisdom Coaching Programme, something within me stirred and began propelling me towards it.

That I had crossed 69 – an age, where appetite for new learning need not be strong - did not matter. And I signed in without a second thought.

The Prem Tao Wisdom Coaching Programme was immensely rewarding and turned out to be quite an eye-opener. My understanding of the inner workings of the mind was refined and sharpened.

As I was taking the Programme, I was struct by its transformative approach and began to see myself as its first beneficiary. Hidden aspects of my personality were laid bare. The Programme was holding a mirror, reflecting my true nature.

The Programme brought into focus things that have been holding me back – limiting belief systems, blind spots, and inner chatter. My life goals have become clearer and the pathway to further evolution has been illumined.

To me, the Prem Tao Wisdom Coaching Programme is a complete life code - an operating manual for resolving all issues of human life. It takes one far beyond the bottlenecks in the outer world; and can be a guidebook for charting out one’s inner journey to self-actualisation.

Brahma Prakash Gaur
Ex Government Official