Hi, I am Dr. Premji Nirmal and most people know me as…

Founder of School of Success and Happiness

An educational movement with thousands of students world over, imparting education in 4 major dimensions of life…

* Health & Wellness
* Money Education for Financial Freedom
* Relationships Education
* Spiritual Education

Life Coach – Creator of PremTao Wisdom Coaching Model I firmly believe that one on one personal wisdom coaching is ideal style of education, to create personal transformation of individuals in most appropriate manner. This model of Wisdom Coaching has tremendous depth with 9 levels – it can take human enquiry to ultimate level of liberation!

Inventor of “Elemental Vibrational Therapy”
A type of Sound Healing method that uses specific frequencies “Therapy Grade Brass Tuned Healing Pipes” for targeted healing of diseases and disorders.

Promoter of “Enlightened Billionaire” Philosophy and “Om Prem Sangha” that connects thousands of people from various parts of the world for a common cause - human Evolution for better living.

Author – Motivational Speaker – Trainer – Spiritual Guide

Host of “FREEDOM MOVEMENT” a weekly show on YouTube Live – every Sunday 10:30 am IST.

But, here is my true story as I have gone through it…

I was born in a small village of Kutch the final frontier on western border of India in 1960. My village school was one room where 1st std to 7th std students sat together, with only one teacher teaching everybody together!
During those seven years in village school, I had many “outstanding performances” as many times, teacher told me to stand outside the class! I experienced GRACE in 5th Std when I got only 33 marks and teacher gave me 2 marks extra as grace to promote me to next class!
That was one of the turning points in my understanding that grace comes uninvited and it is available to deserving candidates all the time! My receptivity to receive GRACE has increased many folds, after this incidence.

Came to Mumbai – Mega Commercial Capital of India – at the age of 13 and I started 8th Std at Elphinston Technical high School, Dhobi Talao in South Mumbai.

Experienced strange magnetic pull from world famous teacher / philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti – lecturing at that time at JJ School of Architecture and had amazing spiritual experience in his presence.

Completed engineering at VJTI – Mumbai University and studied Cybernetics, Personal Counselling and Eastern Wisdom as post graduate subjects.

After completing graduation, I got experience of working in corporate world at Mumbai for 3 years and started own manufacturing unit in Mumbai in 1986 which continued for about 21 years, until we closed it on 31st March 2007.

During this period, I happened to meet many spiritual masters. Sri Dada Gavand (Dadaji) from Yevoor Hills – Thane gave me lots of time and cleared all the doubts and I started serious experimentation with meditation that resulted in to mystical experience on 13th July 1993, which was later described as “Explosion of Silence”. With it, the life got transformed and I remained in semi-solitude and silence for next five years. Those were the years of maturing.

Since 2007, I had been traveling internationally to conduct seminars, workshops and meditation retreats and came in personal contact with thousands of very interesting human beings.

Also, I had been intensely involved in scientific research work on Effects of 49 Healing Breaths Nirmal Kriya and 6 Step Nirmal Dhyan and Effects of Sound Frequencies on specific diseases and disorders for which I got Professional Doctoral Degree (Ph. D.) from International European University, Paris in 2019 at a function held at Singapore.

 I had been intensely working on research since 2019 on life transformative effects of PremTao Personal Coaching Model on individuals and also teaching this model in a Certificate Program for Life Coaches to practice it.

Since April 2020, post corona era, I am conducting PremTao wisdom Coaching for individuals and various training programs online. I am available here, for YOU. You can get in touch with me on Telegram / WhatsApp on +91 9619527572.

You can also connect with me on social media:

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/premnirmalonfb
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I welcome you to join me every Sunday morning 10:30 am IST for my weekly show “Freedom Movement” on YouTube Live.

If you want regular updates and want to participate live through Zoom, join our “Om Prem Sangha” group on Telegram at https://telegram.me/joinchat/TfivDALrfY-MdZAb


Dr. Premji Nirmal is a research scientist and has conducted the following research – 

Research 1 – 

Yoga and Meditation improve quality of life in subjects with moderate-to-very severe COPD without any effect on lung function.


Published By – European Respiratory Society

Print ISSN  – 0903-1936

Online ISSN  – 1399-3003


Research 2 – 

A perspective, single-arm, interventional study to Evaluate the effects of Kriya Yoga and 6-step Nirmal Dyan on Neurocardiac Physiology and Quality of Life.

http://www.brainmaster.com/tfc/index_files/Publications/2018%20Dalal,%20India, %20yoga,%20Discov,%2053%20adults, reduction%20of%20theta%20in%20Post%20cing%20gyrus.pdf

Published by – International Journal Of Public Mental Health And Neurosciences

ISSN No: 2394-4668