Every human being is born with tremendous potential. In the process of actualization of potential one moves through various zones. Depending on the evolution of soul, one may find oneself in any one of the following zones. According to Soul’s journey, I have described these zones from lowest to highest potential. Mediocre Zone As a process of evolution, when soul gets human body, it is difficult to adjust to new vehicle to begin with. In this struggle and adjustments, one remains stagnant and uncomfortable, not…

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Enlightened Billionaire

“Enlightened Billionaire” It is translation of Original Hindi word “Aishvaryavan Muktatma”. Eastern Culture In the eastern countries in past few thousand years tremendously significant experiments have been done by Yogi’s, Sufi’s, Rishi’s, Lama’s… All these experiments were within oneself, to awaken the consciousness, to enrich oneself in the inner world, the spiritual world. These experiments are immensely significant and we need to appreciate the richness of the inner world. Western Culture In the western countries, in past few hundred years lots of scientific experiments…

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